What is Frontonasal Dysplasia?

Also known as median cleft face syndrome, frontonasal dysplasia is characterized by anomalies affecting the head and face.

Frontonasal Characteristics.

Individuals with this syndrome are typically characterized by the following differences: 
   -vertical groove down the middle of the face
   -wide-set eyes
   -flat, broad nose   

Additional characteristics that may be present include:
   -missing tip of the nose
   -skin-covered gap in the forehead
   -cleft palate 

Frontonasal Dysplasia Treatment.

Frontonasal Dysplasia Treatment may include:
   -Reconstructing Nasal and/or Forehead Clefts
   -Eye Surgery
   -Palatal Closure
   -Speech Therapy
   -Staged Orthodontics

Frontonasal dysplasia seems to occur randomly and the cause is unknown.

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